Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flood on Regis Way

“What the f*** is happening!”

This was Regis Way resident, twenty-year-old Jesse Chin’s first reaction when he came home from a calm and relaxing spring break in Palm Springs, to find the newly remodeled kitchen of his 3,000+ square foot home covered in an inch thick of sewage water.

“I was frantic” he said. “ I immediately turned off the main water source and started sopping up the mess with every spare towel I could find.”

While Jesse was on vacation, a wade pool had begun to formulate in the kitchen, dining and living room, which are two steps below the first level of his home. Water poured like a mini Niagara Falls from every orifice of the kitchen, cascading from underneath the cabinets and bursting out of broken pipes.

“I didn’t know what had happened, but it was a great thing to come home to after a relaxing weekend,” Jesse added sarcastically.

It was not the first flood this Regis Way home’s kitchen had seen, but it was certainly the worst. In order to cut costs and save money, the owners of the house, which Jesse is renting, used cheap plumbing and unqualified workers to do the kitchen remodel.

After calling an emergency plumber, it was determined that a pipe may be clogged, but even after turning the water back on the source of the leak could not be found. So, the plumber told Jesse to keep the main water line on, explaining that it was probably a freak accident or the clog had passed, and ensured him that everything would be fine.

“So, I went upstairs” Jesse said, “and then I came back down twenty minutes later to find the kitchen covered in water once again! It was a nightmare.”

As a result of the floods, the blonde hardwood floors have become warped, and a few appliances have been ruined.

“In the end they [the landlords] are going to spend a lot more money fixing this problem, than they would have just putting proper plumbing into the house in the first place,” Jesse said.

Jesse encourages all Regis Way residents who are remodeling or planning to remodel to learn from this mistake.

“Don’t take short cuts,” he said. “Spend more now, it will save you money and stress in the end.”

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